Warner Bros World™ / 295 AED

Your Dubai visit is deficient if you miss the Ferrari World and Yas Waterworld attractions. Being a daring explorer or a carefree voyager, you should not miss Ferrari World. It is perhaps one of the most anticipating places which will enlarge your interest in Ferrari Cars. You can enjoy both the parks Yas and Ferrari World in a day. At Yas Waterworld, you can enjoy as many as 40 slides and rides across the Yas Waterworld that covers a space of fifteen hectares. Discover many different shops, cafés, and restaurants inside the recreation center. At Ferrari World, you can explore the different Italian-themed cafés, many stores, thrilling rides including the world's fastest and most enthralling ride ‘The Formula Rossa’. At the same time, you can experience the opportunity to admire the vintage Ferrari Cars. Experience an adrenaline-high adventure while encountering the most exciting rides and attractions at the amusement park.

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