Qasar Al Watan Abu Dhabi / 57 AED

Discover one of the newest landmarks in the United Arab Emirates, moving away from Abu Dhabi's standard sights you can now discover one of the most remarkable and majestic attractions ‘Qasr Al Watan’ You can enjoy this enlightening journey in a contemporary setting that discloses and reflects on governance and knowledge. The palace stands unique due to the many opportunities it has to offer to its guests, you can experience one of the most elite Royal Arabian architecture as you find yourself under the country’s largest central dome. Discover the enthralling features of the architecture and find yourself beguiled with the palaces' diverse sections enriched by intricate detail in finesse. Get to explore and capture memories in the palace's media room, as well as The Great Hall, archways, mosaic patterns, and mirrored cubes.  You can learn about diplomacy and protocol as you admire the room's iconic chandelier and circular layout, which symbolizes the UAE's commitment to illumination and equality. Qasr Al Watan offers you a unique opportunity to marvel over the majestic palace that is sure to leave you with a meaningful experience that celebrates the region's rich Arabic heritage and at the same time enriches you about the rulers and governing institutions that shape our great nation.

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