Etihad Museum Tickets / 47 AED

This has to be Dubai’s most remarkable and foremost cultural offering, which represents the cultural heritage and traditions of the United Arab Emirates. The astonishing, elegant, and beautiful Etihad Museum building is situated in Jumeirah. The Museum comprises several different delightful pavilions, where visitors can learn about the illustrious history of the United Arab Emirates. With the help of images, films, and more means of information display the museum comprehensively covers a vast range of history of UAE, which represents the methodologies, rules, and procedures followed for the development of the country, specifically between 1968-1974. One of UAE’s biggest achievements is its tremendous economic growth in the last century, the museum provides valuable insight into the economic growth. The museum is situated on the historical site of the union house, this is the same place where the constitution was signed in 1971. The museum comprises a library, an education center, a temporary exhibition hall, and a restaurant.

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