Dubai Dolphinarium / 90 AED

One of the best family entertainment in Dubai is the Dubai Dolphinarium. It is the home to several Dolphins, seal, amazing birds, and many more. You will find fur seals and bottlenose dolphins who are the stars of the shows. Those fascinating water creatures will entertain you while juggling, playing, painting and dancing. Nevertheless, Dubai Dolphinarium is not only limited by these mammals only. Enjoy the Dolphin show in Dubai Creek by having a view of more than 20 species of unique birds starting from Macaw from South America and Cockatoos from Australia at the Dolphin Bay Dubai. Interestingly you can have the opportunity to swim with the Dolphins. Want to become the best friend of the Dolphins? Serve them the dolphins with their daily meals and soon they will become friend with you. Apart from these animals, you will find many other attractions in Dubai Dolphinarium such as mirror maze, the trampoline room, 7D and 5D theatre, Virtual Reality, happy value sumptuous meals, and many more at the dolphin show at creek park Dubai.

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